Are You a Chronic Marketing Masturbater?

Are You a Chronic Marketing Masturbator?

Let me set the stage by telling you a quick story

The other day I was in the gym on one of those body composition machines that pump an small amount of electricity through you to calculate your fat percentage and muscle mass

I have been using it to track my fitness results to see if I am moving in the right direction

(let me tell you that thing is an emotional roller coaster, up and down like a freaking yo yo)

Anyway on this occasion I noticed that I had a major impedance on my right arm it was more muscular than my left with less fat

What the heck could I have been doing with my right arm that made it so much stronger?

Instead of thinking of the logical answer…

That I am right handed so obviously I use it more, I had a childish moment and giggled like a little school girl with the mental image of me furiously pleasuring myself while drenched in sweat. lol

Sorry if I put an unwanted vision in your head… If it’s easier for you swap me out and imagine yourself in that position

But how does any of this relate to you?

Well it got me thinking about how some people are what I call chronic marketing masturbators

What I mean by that is they regularly buy products just for the pleasure of having something new, They get all amped up on the sales letter and get off on clicking that buy button

But then 30% of them never even open it.

What a waste of munney…

Then out of the rest that actually open it 90% of them never use what they learn inside

They just get on the forums to bitch and moan about how “this” method doesn’t work or “this” person is a scam-artist

Don’t be one of those people…

If you invest in a product, treat it as that and make use of your investment

Don’t live off the self pleasuring cycle searching for the next marketing masturbation session.

Don’t be addicted to the buying, get addicted to the results!

Speaking of results…

If you’re still not getting the one’s you want online then…

Mosey on over to the link below because we can help

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