How a Rebellious new dad Earns MORE By Working LESS With a Simple Job Replacing Online Profit Model...

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Educated Rebel

An educated rebel is someone who decides to break free from the norms of society to live life on their terms.


Taking the knowledge you already have or information you can easily acquire (when you know how) and turning it into a profitable internet business.

Do what you wanter

Doing what you want, when you want, with whom you want, because of the freedom an internet lifestyle business gives you.

Contrarian Thinker

A person who opposes or rejects popular opinion and is brave enough to act on those thoughts.


Sharing profitable information in an entertaining way to stand out from the crowd and build a die-hard fan base.

Freedom Seeker

Seeking to be free and in control of every aspect of your life by any means necessary.

"I aspire to inspire and give you the proven strategies to live a life of fun and freedom on your terms"
Jouvan Johnson
Head Rebel @ EducatedRebel.com

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