How LEGAL Theft Made 3 Brothers €30 Billion

Before I show you how you can legally steal your way to success, let’s lay some groundwork…

Everyone thinks you need to be creative to be successful in business. But 3 German brothers disagree. 

Instead, they just stole!

Stole to the tune of BILLIONS.

In school, you’re taught not to copy other people’s work, but in the real world, it can make you rich. 

That’s exactly what the Samwer brothers did. 

They would steal ideas. 

Ideas of successful companies and clone them.

They would copy a company’s business model, avoid their mistakes, launch it in a different country and grow faster than they did.

Then turn around and sell it back to the original company. (Or whoever was willing to buy it).

Silicon Valley start-ups hated them but the brothers didn’t care. They were making a killing.

Just to give you an idea of how well this worked.

The brothers launched a clone of eBay in Germany.

When I say clone I mean they copied the whole damn thing. Down to the pixels, colour scheme, layout, EVERYTHING but the name.

They called it Alando.

If eBay changed something on their site in the US the brothers in Germany would have copied it within 24 hours. They hired someone full-time to monitor any changes.

They grew the eBay clone rapidly and then sold it back to eBay just 100 days later for around $50 Million.

Who said it’s impossible to get-rich-quick eh?

The German brothers are Marc, Oliver and Alexander Samwer. Oliver the middle brother is the leader of the gang.

He runs the company with ruthlessness and efficiency. 

No creativity needed.

After the eBay sale, the brothers ran eBay Europe as CEOs but within a year they were sick of it. So moved on and launched something new.

With the growth of ringtones, they launched Jamba which created and sold ringtones.

They grew this company fast and sold it 4 years later for $270 Million.

These brothers were printing cash.

With their proven track record and boatloads of money. They now had the skills and resources to launch Rocket Internet.

This would be their clone factory.

They would churn out company clones and sell them back for a profit.

You may be wondering how they could legally do this.

Well, the companies they launched didn’t impersonate their competitors. They didn’t attempt to phish (steal) customers.

Instead, they styled themselves as independent startups. Who “happen” to offer the same service. This keeps them on the right side of the legal system.

Here are some companies they cloned.

Pinterest, Groupon and Airbnb, which they named, Pinspire, CityDeal and Wimdu respectively.

They launched them in new territories throughout the world.

The Samwer brothers also launched MyVideo a YouTube clone. They sold it to ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG TV broadcaster (catchy name huh? *sarcasm*), in 2007, for more than $26 million.

They started CityDeals in 2010. Then sold it to Groupon for $170 million just 5 months after starting the company.

They cloned Zappos and launched it in Europe. They grew that business to $1 billion in revenue in only 30 months.

Their Air BnB clone Wimdu grew to 400 employees across 15 offices worldwide. They accomplished this within 100 days of launching.

These brothers were prolific.

As of 2018, Rocket Internet has more than 42,000 employees across its worldwide network of companies. This consists of over 200 entities active on 6 continents. 

The company has a valuation of around €30 billion.

These bro’s are killing it.

But what can we learn from them?

We can learn a lot but here are 5 Billion dollar lessons I took from the Samwer brothers.

  1. Find a proven business model

The brothers and Rocket Internet don’t try to reinvent the wheel. 

They find something that’s already working and jump on it like a dog in heat.

They’re more concerned with getting things right rather than being creative.

  1. Move fast

They don’t wait around procrastinating. 

They get to work fast and hard with ruthless intensity.

They fail fast, iterate, break things, fix them and keep going.

You learn a lot more by doing rather than sitting around contemplating.

Get in the thick of things and use positive momentum. 

By the time you look up, you’ll be shocked at how far you’ve come.

  1. Focus

Get rid of all distractions and make your new favourite word “NO”.

Have your goal seared into the flesh of your brain. Then run every task and request through this question.

“Is this taking me closer to my goal or further away?”

If it’s taking you away then the answer is…


In today’s day and age, focus is a superpower. TikTok, Reels and other social media platforms are flooding you with cheap dopamine and eroding your ability to focus.

If you can cultivate the skill of focus you’ll be leaps and bounds ahead of your competition.

  1. International money

Why limit yourself to only one country?

The reason I love the internet is because anyone from anywhere in the world can become a customer. I’m not limited to any one location.

The world is my oyster and someone from France, Egypt or Timbucktoo can purchase one of our products.

The Samwer brothers have offices all over the world. They’re not limiting themselves in any way.

  1.  Follow a plan

If you fail to plan you plan to fail.

After years of running Rocket Internet, the brothers have a proven framework for success.

(I may do a deep dive on their unique framework in future so make sure you’re subscribed to our mailing list so you don’t miss out on that.)

They have a plan of action and just follow the process.

The plan has worked to the tune of BILLIONS of dollars so they follow it. No need to keep trying to be creative.

So what’s the major take away and how can you apply this?


You don’t always have to reinvent the wheel or create something brand new from scratch to have success.

Find what is already working and do that. Do it faster, cheaper or better.

People have already done the hard work. You can leverage that to your advantage.

You don’t need to try and be Rocket Internet and invest millions in copying a Silicon Valley start-up.

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