Master This Simple Game to Profit Online

I believe this game could almost guarantee online suck’s-cess…

But you will be the judge of that

Just to clarify I don’t think anything can 100% guarantee you results but I believe this game can drastically improve your chances.

The only guarantees in life is death and maybe taxes. lol

What I am about to share with you in this email will show you that this Internet marketing thing doesn’t have to be as hard as it may feel to you right now.

It can be very simple and give amazing returns.

So let’s dive in like an over eager teenage boy about to get laid.

Full Disclaimer: I didn’t make this game up I stumbled across it online from a fellow marketer

I love the concept because it makes things fun using gamification but delivers results

Gamification Definition: the application of typical elements of game playing (e.g., point scoring, competition with others, rules of play) to other areas of activity?

Let’s call the game SCORECARD

I’m sure you have a lot of goals planned for this year and if you don’t have any goal or plan, what are you playing at?

I suggest you have no more than 3 top goals because any more than that and you start to feel overwhelmed. Even better have only 1 main goal that if completed will drastically improve all areas of your life and put 100% of your focus into that goal.

Once you have your 1 to 3 goals you must break them down into bite-sized daily action steps that if done will make sure you succeed at that goal. Then you must track and measure your progress on a daily basis.

This is where most people seem to trip up because it seems like too much work…

But living a life that you are not 100% happy with because you’re too lazy to make a little 2 minute change seems crazy to me.

Yeah I’m being a bit of a hard ass but it’s for your own benefit so take it and be grateful this is a whinge free zone so don’t be a little biatch

Just remember if you fail to monitor, track and measure your progress how do you know what you are doing is even working or if you are just wasting your time?

So what I’m going to do is teach you a SIMPLE system for tracking your daily progress in your internet business

Now onto “The Daily Scorecard“…

It makes you turn your day into a game, a point based game. You get points depending on what activity you complete and some activities are worth more than others. There are only 3 levels known as “tiers” and each tier has it’s own points of value, check ’em out below.

Tier-1 activities: 5 Points
Tier-2 activities: 1 Point
Tier-3 activities: 0 Points

The goal is simply to get to 10 points each and every day. That’s how you win the game and grow your business at the same time. Easy right? do two tier 1 activities and you are done.

The tier-1 activities are the most important they are the ones that drive revenue in your business and the ones we usually procrastinate on the most because either we think they’re “hard” or we’re scared to fail at them so we don’t do them at all.

Here is a list of the tier-1 activities that will give you 5 points every time you accomplish one of them:

• Writing & sending emails to your list.
• Creating new products.
• Setting up Facebook ads.
• Any sort of Paid Media.
• Writing sales copy.
• Doing webinars.
• Optimising your sales funnel.
• Adding an up-sell.
• Hiring a virtual assistant.

I hope you can see how all these tasks will drastically push your business forward

Now onto your tier-2 activities. These are the sneaky little fookers that “look” important but take up valuable time that could be spent on the revenue generating tier-1 activities, take a look at them below:

• Writing blog posts
• Podcasting
• Content Marketing
• Blogger Outreach
• Posting on social media
• Etc…

Yes these are important but nowhere near as important as tier 1.

And your tier-3 activities are as follows:

• Customer Support
• Graphic Design
• Tech Stuff
• Audio Editing
• Video Editing
• Transcription
• Online Research
• Blog Management
• Calendar Management
• Scheduling Interviews
• Etc…

Yeah every tier has stuff that needs to be done but if right now you are struggling online I can bet that most of your time is spent in Tier-2 and 3 activities right? Some of you may be focusing on crap that doesn’t even fall into any of these tier’s

Am I right or am I right?…

The fastest way to grow is to flip the script and spend 80% of your time on the tier 1 activities and just watch as your results transform.

Play this game daily and you will be miles ahead of any competition you may have.

If you haven’t even got a game to play because you don’t know what you’re doing, then head over to the link below and download my mini PDF on how to earn more by working less with a simple job replacing online profit model.

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